"...and as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Rom. 10:15

What would it look like if each person at GT decided to live a fully missional life? Would every person in Reading be fed and clothed? Would the sick be cared for? Would the lonely have a friend? Would our complaints be quieted and our complacent living banished? Jesus met people where they were at. We want to do the same, starting in Berks County. Our mission is to serve in our community and around the world. "And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8)

We love to partner with others and allow God to use us as a world-wide team of Christ-followers. GT Missions supports over 130 missionaries all over the world. We want every tribe, tongue, and nation to know that Jesus is the hope of the world!


Local Outreach

Giving back to the community is an important value here at GT Church. If you are looking for a way to give back and have a desire to help people who are in need, we encourage you to check out the current schedule of local outreach opportunities:


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What is Project Impact?

Project Impact is our fund for giving above and beyond the tithe and is used to provide resources that help us accelerate the gospel further and faster. This fund will be used to support global projects, church expansion, and local outreach. Each year, we prayerfully seek God's direction for how He wants GT Church to make an impact in His Kingdom and invest our financial efforts accordingly. Giving to Project Impact is one way that you can help GT Church share the love of Jesus across the street and around the world!

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Our missionaries in the United States and around the world rely on our prayers as they face incredible challenges, opposition, and often danger and persecution. Please join us Tuesday nights at 6 PM in the West Lawn Worship Center as we pray together.


CHECK: Write “Project Impact” on the memo line.
CASH: Use an offering envelope and check off “Project Impact.”
CREDIT: Select “Project Impact” through online giving.
SMART GIVING: Text the word “impact” to 484.240.7077


LOCAL OUTREACH | To learn more about volunteering with our community impact partners:
EMAIL | localoutreach@gtaog.org.

GLOBAL TEAMS | Embark on one of our short-term missions trips hosted throughout the year to various foreign countries. Each team partners with a missionary who we already support and assists them with a particular project or focus. Questions?
EMAIL | GO@gtaog.org.

FEELING CALLED? | Do you feel that God is calling you to the mission field? If so, our missions pastor would love to talk with you!
EMAIL | missions@gtaog.org.

Upcoming Missions Trips

Egypt 2023

May 25, 2023 to June 03, 2023
Cairo Egypt
Egypt Trip for MVT Team
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Philly Dream Center Kensington 2023

May 29, 2023 to June 02, 2023
Kensington, PA
The Philly Dream Center will provide you and your team the opportunity to make a huge impact in one of America’s deeply hurting cities. From playing games with neglected and abused kids in drug infested neighborhoods, to helping hand out warm plates of food. You and your team will have many evangelistic opportunities to make a difference in the city of Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation. You will be working hard, you will be praying hard, and you will be exhausted; but the time that you and your team will invest can change somebody’s eternity.
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Dominican Republic GTSM 2023

August 05, 2023 to August 12, 2023
San Isidro, Dominican Republic
This trip is for GTSM students who are at least 15 years old. We will be partnering with our missionaries Chad and Terri Nelson. This trip will include the beginning stages of construction on a new school building and it will be heavy on evangelism. We will be in San Isidro and the surrounding neighborhoods. We will focus on VBS style ministry and plan on prayer time and church services as well. Total Trip Cost: $1,800
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Zimbabwe 2023

August 06, 2023 to August 16, 2023
Beitbridge, Zimbabwe
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Zambia 2023

August 12, 2023 to August 19, 2023
This will be a vision/learning trip so that you can see how Africa Oasis operates to empower our local churches in being the heroes of compassion in their communities. Everything we do directly impacts the lives and well-being of women and children. You will have time to interact with and pray with some amazing African women who are working for transformation in their families and their communities. You will have opportunities to meet with church leadership and hear about ministry opportunities during mid-week women’s meetings and possibly with children as well.
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Turkey 2023

October 04, 2023 to October 14, 2023
This team will be partnering with our missionaries to Turkey, Branden and Samantha. There will be ministry in the local community, prayer walks in the old towns, and opportunities to connect with the locals. Business as Missions (BAM) is a huge part of what they do. A variety of skills and giftings are welcome on this trip. Total Trip Cost: $2,675
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Fiji 2023

December 05, 2023 to December 17, 2023
Nadi, Fiji
Main island ministry focused on children and women. Ministry will consist of VBS style events and Women's Teas.
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India 2024

February 17, 2024 to February 27, 2024
Kolkata India
What an opportunity we have to partner with Chaitown Creatives in Kolkata India! Kolkata is a city steeped in creativity and inspiration. We are looking for individuals young and old, with a wide variety of creative skills that they could use to connect with the hugely creative population of Kolkata. The team will also have the chance to help Chaitown Creatives develop and refine their tour company.
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Guatemala 2024

March 12, 2024 to March 21, 2024
Know that this will be an unforgettable trip for anyone who is willing to handle the long travel conditions! You must be in good physical health, able to handle a lot of walking through mountainous regions and 12 hour car rides. This team will be going to the remote mountain area of Guatemala and working with the Indigenous People Groups there. We will be doing evangelism, construction, possible men and women ministry, and helping with a church plant.
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Arizona 2024

June 11, 2024 to June 18, 2024
Arizona, USA
We will be visiting the Apache Reservation and working with the Native Americans there. This team will be hosting a short VBS, ministering to the church on the Reservation, and doing construction for a new church building. Skilled workers who can read blueprints, or do plumbing, or framing, or siding; and also individuals who can cook and help with meal prep are needed. There will be evangelistic outreaches, and times of prayer and worship.
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Romania 2024

June 12, 2024 to June 22, 2024
Baneasa Romania
We will be partnering with our missionaries, Mike and Ana Dascalescu. This team will be staying and working at the Baneasa Community Center and surrounding villages. There will be evangelism, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, and light construction. If you are a medical professional this would be a great trip as the missionaries hold frequent pop-up clinics.
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Zimbabwe 2024

August 05, 2024 to August 14, 2024
This team will help with church planting in rural Zimbabwe, hosting a festival for kids, and local evangelism. This trip focuses heavily on children's ministry.
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