ALERT for May 25, 2020: Out of a posture of care and concern and in an effort to do what we can to steward public health, our building and offices are closed until further notice. Please join us in prayer for our communities and the world during this time and join us on our social media pages to stay connected.


"...and as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Rom. 10:15

What would it look like if each person at GT decided to live a fully missional life? Would every person in Reading be fed and clothed? Would the sick be cared for? Would the lonely have a friend? Would our complaints be quieted and our complacent living banished? Jesus met people where they were at. We want to do the same, starting in Berks County. Our mission is to serve in our community. We love to partner with others and allow God to use us as a world-wide team of Christ-followers. GT Missions supports 70 missionaries all over the world. We are blessed in America and we can celebrate our blessedness by sharing it with others who are less fortunate and impoverished.


If we would give of our love, time and resources…
If we would enter into community with others, pointing towards hope…
If we would pray for the continuation of following in God’s wake…
Then we would fulfill Jesus’ mission.
That’s our heart.

What is Project Impact?

Project Impact is our fund for giving above and beyond the tithe and is used to provide resources that help us excel-erate the gospel further and faster. This fund will be used to support global projects, church expansion, and local outreach. Each year, we prayerfully seek God's direction for how He wants GT Church to make an impact in His Kingdom and invest our financial efforts accordingly. Giving to Project Impact is one way that you can help GT Church share the love of Jesus across the street and around the world!

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PRAYER BANDS | Our missionaries and Christian workers locally and around the world rely on our prayers as they face incredible challenges, opposition, and often danger and persecution. By joining prayer efforts with one of our prayer bands, you will be informed about regular prayer needs for the missionaries in that region, and be invited to special gatherings to meet with missionaries when they are in our area. To join a prayer band, stop by the Missions HUB or email



SPECIAL PROJECT OFFERINGS | Give to specific causes. These are announced during our services throughout.
CHECK: Write “Project Impact” on the memo line.
CASH: Use an offering envelope and check off “Project Impact.”
CREDIT: Select “Project Impact” through online giving.
SMART GIVING: Text the word “impact” to 484.240.7077


LOCAL GO GROUPS | For details on these groups and other opportunities to get involved in our community and around the world, you can “like” the GT Missions Facebook page. To learn more about volunteering with our community impact partners through go groups…

GLOBAL TEAMS | Embark on one of our short-term missions trips hosted throughout the year to various foreign countries. Each team partners with a missionary who we already support and assists them with a particular project or focus. Questions?

Out of a posture of care and concern and in an effort to do what we can to steward public health, all future missions trips have been temporarily suspended.
Upcoming Missions Trips

Greece 2020

June 05, 2020 to June 13, 2020
Thessaloniki, Greece
GT Church is partnering with Peter and Courtney and Zoe Church in Thessaloniki Greece. This trip is a combination of ministry to the people of Greece and also a Footsteps of Paul Tour, tracing Paul's footsteps through Greece.
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Fiji 2020

August 02, 2020 to August 16, 2020
GT will be sending a team to Fiji for the first time in 2020! We will be partnering with Mark, to reach the children of Fiji. Dates and costs to be announced.
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Colombia 2020

September 26, 2020 to October 03, 2020
Barichara Colombia
We will be partnering with missionary Craig Stirling for a church building project in Barichara, Colombia. We will have an opportunity to do community outreach, construction and adult ministry. We have an amazing opportunity to work on one of our Project Impact Strategic Partnerships for 2020.
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Global Journey Life Group Cairo 2020

October 14, 2020 to October 24, 2020
Cairo, Egypt
This trip is for those who are members of our Global Journey Life Group at GT Church. We will be partnering with AG Missionaries for missions training. Our team will have days of training as well as prayer walks, going into the community, visiting an Evangelical church and experiencing church there. We will visit with Christians in that area. We will also have Arabic language learning. This trip will be packed with all new experiences.
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