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In a world full of many different beliefs and ideologies, it's important to know why you believe what you believe! In this two-part, 9-week class we will explore the foundations of our Christian faith and worldview and build a case for why we believe these things. The goal for this class is to help you deepen your faith and gain the confidence you need to share it with others!

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Wednesdays at 7 PM in the West Lawn Worship Center and online on GT Live.
Part 1:
May 15 - Introduction to Apologetics - Notes
May 22 - Challenging Atheism - Notes
May 29 - The Case for Theism - Natural Theology - Notes
June 5 - Faith and Science - Notes

Part 2:
August 7 - The Reliability of Scripture
August 14 - The Case for the Resurrection
August 21 - The Exclusivity of Christ & Pluralism
September 4 - The Problem of Evil & Hell
September 11 - Difficult Passages in the Old Testament