When a building is being constructed, the foundation matters! The strength of a building relies on its foundation, and the same is true of our church and our individual faith. What is your faith built on? What is our church built on? In 1923, a group of women met in a home in Reading and prayed for a revival in the city. Four years later, that foundation of prayer led to the creation of what would become the GT Church we know today! Join us for the Foundations series where we will examine the 8 building blocks that make up the foundation of our faith and our church as we continue to grow and move forward in advancing the Kingdom of God!

Each week during this series, we'll be releasing a midweek podcast episode that will take a deeper look at the week's topic and help you to grow in your faith - don't miss it! 

Have questions about Sunday's message topic? Submit your questions here and we'll try to answer as many as we can during the midweek podcast episodes!