“Follow me as I follow Christ.” These bold words written by the Apostle Paul are found in 1 Cor. 11. God used Paul in many powerful ways, not the least of which was to give us a good portion of the New Testament. During this 2-part series we will explore some of the highlights of Paul’s life, and learn more about following Jesus through Paul’s example. In Part 1, we will follow Paul’s journey and see how his direction was radically changed by an encounter with Jesus. Part 2 will take us to the letters Paul wrote, including some of his most important teachings, and what they mean for our lives today. Join us as we learn from the legendary life of Paul!

Join us in a 4-week Bible Reading Plan through the letters of Paul by clicking here!

Part 2 - Week 4: Letter to the Colossians

June 16th, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer Pastor Scott closes out the Legendary:Paul series by unpacking the revelation of Jesus found in Paul's letter to the Colossians.

Part 2 - Week 3: Letter to the Philippians

June 9th, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer Pastor Scott's message this week looks at a biblical remedy for anxiety from Philippians 4 and shares that the peace of God and the God of peace is available to all!

Part 2 - Week 2: Letter to the Ephesians

June 2nd, 2024    Pastor Scott Nagle Pastor Scott Nagle explores the Book of Ephesians and how it encourages us to seek wisdom, prioritize Jesus in every aspect of life, dream big, and stand firm in faith.

Part 2 - Week 1: Letter to the Galatians

May 26th, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer Pastor Scott preaches a message from the book of Galatians on how true justification and spiritual freedom come through faith in Jesus Christ and His new covenant, not through self-effort or adherence to the Old Testament law.

Part 1 - Week 4: Legendary Finish

May 12th, 2024    Pastor Maritza Huertas Pastor Maritza shares a message on Paul’s unshakeable trust in God's plan through adversities and the importance of running our spiritual race with purpose to finish well.

Part 1 - Week 3: Legendary Mission

May 5th, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer Pastor Scott shares what we can learn from some of Paul's missionary journeys in the book of Acts.

Part 1 - Week 2: Legendary Transformation

April 21st, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer Pastor Scott shares a message on the transformation of Paul.

Part 1 - Week 1: Legendary Tension

April 14th, 2024    Pastor Scott Kramer